Mission Statement MARA Rescue 

We are an animal sanctuary that has rescued and cared for a variety of animals for the past 20 years. We support animals that were not wanted and/or mistreated and give them a new loving home for the rest of their natural lives.   With a life spent around animals, it is our mission to give these animals an excellent quality of life and a forever home. We do not receive money from any form of governmental support and we need animal sponsors and donations to function. Our donations come from our extensive volunteer program, cash donations and feed and supply donations. 

The food we feed is all #1 hay: completely organic (pesticide and herbicide free).  We have a veterinarian on call at all times as well as  professional farrier that cares for the horses on a regular schedule. If any new animals come to the rescue needing additional care, we provide veterinary and farrier support as needed.  

Megan Brown, our principal coordinator at the ranch, has been rescuing, rehabilitating, and caring for all types of farm animals and exotics since childhood. Her first experience of rescuing an animal in desperate need of saving happened when she was 13 years old, when she went with her dad to a feed lot auction in B.C Canada and saw firsthand all the beautiful horses that were heading to slaughter. With all of her babysitting money she had saved up she bid $700 on a Grey Arabian stallion named Mephisto who was emaciated and covered in rain rot and sores. They took him home to stable him close to their house and every day she rode her bike down to the stables to rehabilitate the scared and abused horse. They ended up forming a deep bond and she and he went on to compete on the Canadian young riders equestrian team winning countless shows and ribbons in dressage and cross country. This cemented in Meg, a strong desire to help as many animals as she could that had run out of options and who were discarded for no fault of their own. Her passion is to provide a safe, happy, and healthy environment for these animals for the rest of their natural lives