The rescue runs off of donations and the generosity of our supporters is always appreciated! Here are a some items the rescue is always in need of, or if you'd prefer to make a financial donation, contact Megan

Please keep your receipts as you can write off any costs

Wish List

  • Equine Senior 50 lb. bags

  • Alfalfa pellets 50 lb. bags (for senior horses that cannot chew hay)

  • Shavings & woody pet bedding bags for the stalls

  • Unscented litter for bunnies

  • Pot belly pig food 50 lb. bag(s)

  • Rabbit pellet food 50 lb. bag(s)

  • Game bird food 50 lb. bag(s)

  • Parakeet and Finch food

  • Meal worms & treats for chickens and resident peacock

  • Goat chow 50 lb. bags

*These bags can be ordered at the following (local) locations:

*and anywhere else that sells animal feed